Thursday, October the 2nd, 2003

Some things that have dawned on me in the recent past:

Fact: Diet colas suck. No-name brands attempting to cheap-imitate sucky diet colas are suckier.
Fact: There is something about my couch. Every roommate I’ve ever had prefers that couch to their bed. Either that or there’s something about me, or their bed. Or a linear combination of these three.
Fact: A human being can live on 2-4 hours of sleep per day, at least for a period of three days.
Fact: Fruit punch just sounds healthier than Mountain Dew because it’s got the word fruit in it.
Fact: Customizable “number” plates are a cool concept. A person must be pretty devious and confident of her skills to warn you by picking “congirl”.
Fact: A human being can walk at least 30 minutes with his/her feet exposed to an ambient temperature of at least 35.6 F, and not need amputation or any such thing.
Fact: Working with many poorly thought out multi-dimensional arrays across heterogenous code in different languages is a bad thing. It is something to be feared, respected, and avoided.
Fact: A human being can survive on one meal a day, for at least two days.

But most importantly:

Fact: I can hold conversations over hours.
Fact: I do know people who “just get me”, complete my sentences and laugh hard for the stupid things I say.
Fact: Communicating with them is fun, and a lot less work, hence funner.
Fact: I can feel, I can smile, I can feel happy.
Fact: I am happy. I am smiling.

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3 Responses to “Facts”

  1. Swechcha says:

    and I’m smiling cos you are :)

  2. Swechcha says:

    colas are sucky.period.That said most substitutes are sucky and most times cost more.

  3. harish says:

    Actually, my beef isn’t with colas. Colas are sweet. Literally.

    Diet colas are not.

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