Wednesday, October the 1st, 2003

For some reason, as I was googling for something, I typoed and arrived at Ram’s site. Poked around a bit, and a bunch of dead links and empty pages later, I found Srijit’s and ENSAK’s!

And hah, Don. Who’s doing FINANCE! The university “THIRD” ranker. Yeah right people, what he fails to mention is that there were only some 20 odd people DOING THE DAMN course in the whole university at the time. Compare that to the 22000 or whatever getting their undergrads in JUST engineering in my year.

And it increases exponentially with time. Or so people back home tell me. Speaking of people back home, I realized I’ve developed this stupid urge to, at regular intervals, give them random information about my financial situation. I mean, it’s cool to show them they didn’t have to shell out another 14000 for this 4 month term, EACH term. But after some self over analysis, I came to realize it’s not anything to do with feeling proud, showing them some form of achievement so they’ll be happy etc. It’s just, I’m quite busy and all that, and spend very little time communicating with them. When I am free, I’d rather relax and do something else. Something NOT INVOLVING COMMUNICATION. And after long periods (where long = 5’s of days) of detachment, I think I feel.. guilty? And showing them these things, I guess is a crude way of going, see, I am not free. I do work, and that pays for all of this. In a “now I’m totally justified in not talking to them” sort of way? I don’t know. It’s just, I’m beginning to think deep down it’s got something to do with this.

And returning from that (not exactly) little detour to todays’ wonder of wonders, I was always quite curious as to what happened to these people. (Not care, curious). I mean, once they left college, no one (read me) bothered to keep in touch or find out where they were. Therefore in a bit, they became this mythical figures doing their thing in some godly places.

Little did we (I) know. The gazillion rumours floating around were all wrong. It’s like when Raj hesitantly asked me whether I was in Bangalore or here. Totally tangent again, I’m happy he’s there and not Alaska or some such waste of time.

I mean, know one “really” knows when you leave college. And people just assume whatever. Of course, you could stay in touch and all that and know for sure.

But that’s too much work.

And the gedit build on my box is the most buggiest piece of software in the history of time. I lost this post three times before I had to switch to good old Emacs.

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2 Responses to “Serendipity”

  1. Vigvg says:

    HAHAHAH !! Ram and best of all Nsak ! Trust him to use a pic like that up at his site !!

  2. harish says:

    I know, the mugshots are the coolest.

    Esp Ram’s. :)

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