Tuesday, March the 23rd, 2004

I hate times like this. I love choices usually, but am quite annoyed by the actual choosing process. Firstly, I kinda like more than one home, and don’t know what to do. But that is a relatively minor thing on my mind right now. There are a bunch of other fairly life path determining choices I need to make. And that sucks.

Without getting into any details, I’ve got a bunch of paths to cross a bunch of hurdles that are coming up. There’s the usual person’s way, which involves seeing the goal, and trying hard and making it accross. Fine, and will 97.934% work, but not very me. I could con the system, and still cross said hurdles. But that has like a 34.523% probability of working. There is no middle path, because middle paths aren’t me either.

If you’re wondering, “Just what is there to decide? Just try hard and make it to the end point”. I’ve thought long and hard about it. I know how glorious I will feel if I make it to said end point without trying. But is it worth the 65.477% risk?

I’ve pulled this stunt on other major battles and lost. But then again, I’ve won some too. Why am I like this? Don’t I get the world owes me nothing?

Decisions decisions. Sigh.

Totally unrelated. Thank god I haven’t had to know things like signal processing or whereever DFTs and FFTs are used. Good god they’re insanely horrid. As if continuous space Fourier transforms weren’t evil enough.

NP. Third Eye Blind – Blue

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