Monday, March the 22nd, 2004

For whatever reasons (and I think I do know them, but will stick with a generic whatever anyway), I’ve had this splitting headache that’s lasted a reeeaaally long time. I decided to try to sleep rather early last night, but couldn’t. It was sort of beginning to hurt then, but not major enough to bother. A few hours? of lying there later, I wasn’t any closer to sleep, but bits of our current story began to materialize in my head. There have been a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to say lately, but hadn’t quite found the right way to say it, till then. I lay there for a bit hoping the urge would go away, along with the slowly growing headache, but no such thing happened. I was up a little while later. Grabbed my generic scribble pad and penned down a good chunk of hSirah’s life.

Though it is fiction, any similarity of names, attitudes or circumstance to that of real people, living or dead, is purely deliberate.

hSirah is in no way connected to She-Ra, Princess of power. She is not a cartoon character, and definitely not the twin sister? of He-Man. (Why am I so ashamed that I knew that? And shouldn’t she be called She-Woman?) hSirah isn’t very strong, and doesn’t have her own unicorn. Really.

I was hoping I could get to sleep after that. No such luck either. So I decided to start typing it in. Transfering from paper to the computer is one of the most boring and irritating tasks, ever. At one point I really was beginning to feel sleepy, and my head was slowly getting worse. I stopped, and slept. It hasn’t gotten too much better over today.

What I’m trying to say is, those waiting for the sequel(s), yes you, will have to wait a bit.

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