Friday, January the 17th, 2003

Fridays are good. No classes no nothing. Not really nothing, but pretty much. Had my first “meeting” as a GSRA and have my work cut out for me over the weekend. Heard that my B.E degree certificate has arrived. Cool, I’m officially an “engineer”, though whether that’s what I want to be is still.. pretty hazy. I’ve been sitting in applied physics.. APPLIED physics classes, not even the “real” thing. I’ve been feeling like a scientist at times, and those classes bring me back to reality. When I try to think of an analogy, it has to be we’re like the mechanics when they are the mechanical engineers or some such thing. Scary, but there are tons of people in this world who do stuff at a WAY more abstract level than I can ever fathom. I have to live with this realization. Makes me feel sick in the stomach, but that’s the truth. Life must go on.

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