Wednesday, January the 15th, 2003

Haven’t had the time to updated this in a while. Decided to do it while calculating some Green’s function gradients for strain. Anyway, Mathematica still bugs me at times.

Finished most of the paperwork regarding the RA. It’s official now, I am an RA at the mechanical engineering department at the U of M. Only teeny things to sort out like get a new “free” insurance plan as I’ve cancelled the other one. Hope nothing extremely evil happens ;) in this “crossover” period. Finishing up on my previous work to not abruptly end my association with the other group.

Talk about an office space came up today. hmm.. interesting :). But will it fit a bed? I guess it won’t be appreciated. Damn formality.

Heard today was Pongal, from Prof. BSM of all people. Nice to hear from him and that our “work” was of “reference” material to other people. Heard our work ended up in India Today? or some such. Have to ask Amma/Appa for a copy if it’s something substantial. Yes, show off material, you’re right.

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