Sunday, March the 23rd, 2003

Pretty event filled week. Most importantly, my computer was charged with a DCMA violation, for some hacker using my computer to host a movie on eDonkey. I had to format my drive to prevent further such “hacker” attacks. Damn laws. I am an angry man. But on the plus side, if there is one, I got to clear tons of junk from my hard disk which I didn’t really use.

It’s been getting warmer. There were a couple of days in which mostly everybody was in shorts and tee’s, but it’s a bit colder now, so that’s not happening at the moment.

Needless to say, there is a lot more skin being shown, and should increase exponentially with temperature. That’s a good thing.

The “war” has begun. Actually, it began a while ago, but I haven’t had a machine to really post anything. It really isn’t much of a war, it’s more of a display of millitary might by the (above average violent ?) Americans. Since I don’t really care too much for either of the warring parties, I don’t really condone or encourage the war.

Then again, senseless death and destruction is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s fun in games, so it should be in real life as well. Yes, games tend to make people more violent. I was just trying to make a point.

So, is their “Shocking and Aweing” in pursuit of “I-rack-ee-freedom” begun at the “Target of Opportunity” a bad thing? I don’t really care.

So amidst fixing my computer and avoiding an overdose of news on the exact locations where the coalition (U.S and probably reluctant British) troops dropped their warheads, I’ve been doing a ton of shopping this month. Camera, music, memory, books, speakers… and such. I just completed some of my accounting and yes folks, I’ve spent a grand, and that’s before the real expenses like the rent, utilities and food. But, it feels good. I feel good.

Damn I wish my camera would get here.

I need to get back to installing stuff and bringing my computer back to a state in which I can get some work done.

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