Sunday, March the 16th, 2003

Ahh yes, finally ordered my camera yesterday. I had to do some stuff like stoop down to a shady online store to hopefully save a couple (or more) bucks. I am hoping and praying now it’s not a mistake.

Or I’ll be poorer by some 700$ with nothing to show for it.

On another front, it’s been much warmer over the past few (ok two) days. I didn’t leave home for anything yesterday and was beginning to feel a bit bugged (gasp). I took a small stroll down to the park and a creek that’s now flowing. Saw some cute ducks doing their thing. Nice.

Saw a lot of enthusiastic people happily jogging, cycling, walking their dogs and such. Makes me wonder why we couldn’t be more naturally athletic.

Then again I feel smarter.. so things average out in the end.

Things looking better on the RA work. It was pretty scary for a bit last week when I had no clue and tests and such minimized my working time. But, it’s all back on track now.

Can’t wait for my camera. Not that I love photography or have something specific to shoot, but just so that I know for sure I haven’t been conned. That should hopefully result in some decent pictures to dress up my site with. Also thinking about those photography lessons, but they’re like $50 for a couple of hours. Damn.

In a moment of boredom (probably associated with the not leaving home in a while) I decided to play around with Pi. Play around as in generate the number upto a million decimal places, color code the digits and stick it into a web page to snare an unsuspecting netizen and crash his/her browser attempting to render the huge page. But then again, if they’re smart and using a gecko based thingy, life should go on as planned for those folk.

Had another one of those First Year Doctoral Students Meets. Was fun as usual. Got to meet some interesting people from different fields. From biochemistry to nursing to engineering to mass media communications. (WHAT? you say? I know, I never knew of such a thing before this.)

Of course, I, like most others, went for the food, and it was decent.

Warmth is good.

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