Monday, November the 1st, 2004

First, a totally random and off-topic observation. I saw a 2 year old at lunch eating mac ‘n cheese with a pair of chopsticks. Now that isn’t something see everyday. Actually, this is the sort of thing you never see, period.

Now, onto today’s story.

I know absolutely nothing (or probably very little) about most things. But that doesn’t stop me from forming very strong opinions about them. Since it usually works out that my intuition is correct, this is a style I tend to stick to. Now all is well and good if it is only me involved. I can be (as we all are in varying degrees) naive, prejudiced, stuck in my ways, holier than thou … . I can make gross generalizations, crude over-simplifications (hey, that’s what I do for a living) and so on and still get away.

It doesn’t matter. It’s my life, I live it how I want to. It works for me and I don’t need to explain my choices to anyone.

Now things start getting complicated when there is a reason for me to explain myself. I “felt” something was right, went ahead and did it, turns out I was “too right” and now someone wants me to explain how I decided with what little I knew. I mostly can’t. There is no reason. Some things you “just know”

Why am I bringing up any of this? Tomorrow is apparently when people in this country vote on their president. How do I know? If you’ve been bombarded with vote for <insert your favourite candidate here> some 1300 times, you’d know too. Anyway, I am no one to be saying this because I was far away from home when a major set of elections were going on there and the super smart country almost picked an unqualified clown as the prime minister.

Now I could say, “make your vote count and vote for the more intelligent candidate, I ‘just know’ he is the right choice”. But then you’ll be all, “explain yourself to me. Why should I, when he has <insert stand here> on <insert arbitrary issue here>”. So I won’t. What I will say is I know from personal experience that not making a choice and having things end up near disastrously is a sickening feeling. What’s worse is you have to shut up and bear it because you don’t even have the right to complain.

This message brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood make-your-vote-count-or-suffer-fools department.

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