Sunday, October the 31st, 2004

Since my earring was beginning to come off, and I didn’t fancy it falling anywhere and losing it, I removed it planning to put it back again “correctly” if/when I learnt how to. A week and a half later, there is no hole in my ear to worry about learning. After all that freaking thought I put in over so many years about “irreversibly scarring my body” this is what I get in return – the stupid thing took absolutely no time and pain to form and closed without a trace. Genius.

I am slowly getting out of what has probably been one of the worst weeks ever in terms of a lot of things. I cannot believe how sluggish and unmotivated I’ve been. I’ve been feeling “mentally ill”. I probably made it to work like two times. But all of that is slowly beginning to change. I did a ton of housework and some intellectual work just to get me in the “now I am doing something at least” frame of mind. Today, the dishes, tomorrow, the world!

And I had a grand total of two little kiddies who somehow mananged to get past the external security system and find my humble abode in search of candy. Both with parental backup. One was a witch, and another, well I don’t know what she planned to be or was. All I do know is her parents ought to have put in a lot more time into that costume.

And who’d have thunk it? There are times being a chocaholic slob actually has some benefit.

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