Sunday, July the 28th, 2002

I’ve maintained sites and journals piecewise continuously since the end of high school. Which in real life time units would be somewhere around 1997-98 or so. Most of the earlier stuff has not been backed up. The reasons for this vary from:

technical things – in the dark ages, when pages were static HTML and had to be updated the hard way, things were generally messy, and not saved often enough

to just as important,

social things – I believe it is better I spare you the cheesy flashbacks (you know, when people tAlkeD l1KE tHI5 and used :) :( :P :D indiscriminately?).

I am sure you can have all the fun you want going through what is up. Plus, I am quite sure wading through 7+ years of archives will be more than a bit of a bother. If you’re still insanely curious about events not archived here, contact me. I just might not scream, but I am pretty sure I’d have forgotten.

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