Saturday, August the 10th, 2002

I’m leaving home tomorrow. This will probably be the last article/post/anything I type from this computer. It’s weird. I’m flooded with mixed emotions, ranging from excited to scared. Actually, I’m more leaning towards ‘scared’.

A week back or something, it was almost nothing. I didn’t feel anything at all. Then it slowly set in, the reality of things. New country, culture, education, responsibities.. and I’ve never really done anything on my own. What are parents for? :D

But, like they say, that’s got to change some time.

And my packing’s actually started :P. Now it does seem like I’m going to finish on time. Not much really, a few clothes, and books, and more books and some more and more and more..

I never realised I liked some of my books so much. Starting from obscure all tattered physics books from school. Will I use them all? Probably not. Will I feel better having them with me? Yes, I do. Atleast I know them, they’re familiar. Nothing better than a good physics book to curl up to when the ‘real world’ seems too much to handle. Calling me a geek? I can’t hear you, I’m curled up somewhere reading.

I would also have to classify today as ‘Phone Day’ (Unless tomorrow turns out to be even more ringey of course). I’ve never got so many phone calls from people in my life. And some from people I barely know. hmm..

Not keeping in touch with other people regarding this whole education scenario does have a few pluses. Primarily I’m less tense (you know, the whole ‘ignorance is bliss’ scene). I’ve still managed to be a tad free thinkery and my finance related stuff have seemingly sorted themselves out in a decent manner. On the downside, I don’t know who else is travelling tomorrow on the same flight(s) as mine.

But.. Do I care? I think not.

There are too many ‘what ifs’. I don’t consider myself to be a very positive person and sadly, the answers to some of those questions plain scare me. So, rather than stay up this late and scare myself, I’d rather sleep. Tomorrow’s the big day.

11th August 2002 :: The day pundit leaves home.

(Using my name and referring to myself in the third person for effect.)

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