Monday, August the 12th, 2002

First post from here. 8)

I finally made it here yesterday after more than a day of travel. It was boringly long. Not in a very expressive frame of mind right now, but have fought all jet lag and done a lot of stuff at the campus today. I am now a registered student at the U of M (with a cool ID card and everything). My apartment seems decent (from outside) and the people everywhere seem insanely friendly. They are also very active. It is cool. People are nice. It is cool (oh, am I repeating myself?).

I have been wasting my life not living in a university town. More when my fingers are ready for it.

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2 Responses to “First thoughts from here”

  1. Khushee says:

    Strange, you started your blog just a day before me :D It’s just another useless fact ;) :D

  2. wahgnube says:

    I started this blog a day before probably. I’ve had many failed attempts before ;).

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