Monday, July the 26th, 2004

Last week was awesome, in an almost-tedious sort of way. I had something (arguably fun) to do every single day. Which is very different by my usually boringly-predictable life standards. Either I’m noticing opportunities I’ve previously failed to notice, or stuff that didn’t happen before has recently started happening. Either way, it feels nice, but I’m still quite certain I cannot maintain things at this intensity for too much longer. Being a hardcore geek type has quite a bit of inherent social phobia/anxiety attached to it, and I’ve had my quota of trying to dissipate its effects, for now.

So this week it’s time to slow down and rest. By which I mean get back to work in the lab.

Oh, and when someone tells you “Have you met <insert name here>? You ought to, you’d like her.”, how would you interpret it? And how would you respond to her?

Update: After much talk, I finally started on it. Maybe this will quiet the newbies a little.

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