Monday, May the 31st, 2004

I think it’s finally dawned on me that I’m going home. And I must say I am beginning to get all excited. Which is pretty cool. It just takes a little to stop focussing on who you aren’t going to see, to realize the gazillion other people who you’re going to.

Which is pretty cool, even by my asocial standards. I cannot wait to babied again. Ah, how I miss that. I can’t wait to get back to a state where I feel everything’s taken care of and everyone’s familiar. Are some people forever destined to be big babies who neeeeed, well, babying?

Rhetorical question, don’t think too hard.

Curiously, I pack just like my mom. I’ve, for now, planned on taking just the one suitcase. Considering my freaking path involves first entering the country in Bombay (since Madras is a village?) and I need to go through weirdness like customs, shift airports, and other such general nonsense there. (It feels unnatural to not take a cheap shot at Hindi right about now, but I will be the bigger man.) I figured I’d carry the essentials. Where ‘essentials’ means stuff for everyone else. Anyway, back to packing. This suitcase just lies there open in the corner, and has been there for over a couple of months. Everytime I pick up something that seems interesting, I drop it in, and voila, when the time comes, I’m done. Well, in theory anyway.

My suitcase at the moment

Currently, all I’ve got is food and electronics, and it’s full. Forget clothes and so on, we buy them there I suppose.

Of course, I have some “enhancements” over the mom method. I have this huge list of people, and note down who I got what, and that functions as the TODO shopping list for those whose stash is smaller than others in the same “league”. Simple, elegant and rational.

It has to be a science.

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