Sunday, May the 30th, 2004

Except it’s not classy.

I might as well get all these out of the way, because I’m the kind of person you’d refer to as “quite shameless”. So, roughly in order of desperation,

1. I would like a gmail account invitation. I don’t think it’s particularly fair that google offers blogger users free blogging (and auxiliary services) and an email account with a huge inbox. I’ve “had” a blogger account for a lot longer than most people, but I’ve never used it. Consequently, I’ve not been one of the “regular users” worthy of an account. I must say for a week I did try spamming that account, but google was too smart for me to get fooled.

So if you can’t see the desperation in my eyes (yes I am a geek), I’ll just say it exists. If you’re a regular gmail user and have an invite to spare, please remember less fortunate folk exist.

2. If you haven’t noticed yet, I now have a “donate button” on the menu on the left. So here’s the spiel that goes along with that:

You know you want to click it and send me love. Kids, if your mommy doesn’t give you 5 dollars to give to website maintainer man, she doesn’t really love you.

No portion (no, not even 2.34%) of what I make from this goes to support unicef or anything else truly worthy. However, you do realize I could have easily come up with a break-your-heart “But can’t you imagine our cute little bald Timmy smiling after intensive (and expensive) chemotherapy (which you helped pay for)?” sort of story if I reeeally wanted to, don’t you?

Do not make me go down that road. Conning people to make a living is not what i do, usually.

Bandwidth costs money. I lost my ‘will work for bandwidth’ enthusiasm a long time ago. So if you like what you see, and would like to see more of it, help me keep it up.

You are kind, generous, and have positively delightful taste.

3. Ok, if that’s not your thing either, you will notice I have a “my wishlist” button too on a menu over there. If you’re feeling generous, but aren’t too keen on throwing money at me, maybe you’d be more open to the idea of buying me something.

Wouldn’t you care to see me smile?

No, I didn’t think so either, but it was worth a shot.

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