Saturday, May the 29th, 2004

There aren’t too many reasons I fail to update this thing. Either there’s “too much going on which I’d rather not talk about”, or there’s “nothing going on and I’d rather not further bore anyone”, and then there’s the “I’m getting my daily release elsewhere”.

It doesn’t matter why, I’m just not really in the “share details of my day here” frame of mind. To make matters worse, I’m still stuck in some sort of post-quals-slump and areas of my life (which weren’t exactly rip-roaringly active anyway) have grinded to a complete halt. Not happening.

I figured I was going about the mom-gift-buying thing entirely wrong. I was aiming for thoughtful/personal, practical/useful, not el cheaponess all in one magic item. The moment I thought a little outside the box, the ideas came flooding in. Now all that’s left is the actual implementation.

That’s about it.

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