Friday, January the 2nd, 2004

I am quite linguistically biased though I try quite hard not to be. This transcends into my little geek world too as a generic dislike of all things not C/C++. Like eclipse, for instance. In my opinion Java is slow and sucks and that’s that, and hence magically, eclipse does too. I did try it though, and I must say it is quite good. But I’ll stick to real men IDEs, like Emacs, for now.

Click to enlarge if you’re really that curious.

Not getting off the geek train for just a little bit more, been fiddling around with gsl‘s love (or lack of it) for icc. Then built gsl with gcc, as icc failed some checks. Just for fun, (no, not really) I was testing the same proggy under gcc and icc. Got different numbers. Hmm. And not close to (double precision) machine epsilon.

Just one more stop. I noticed on TechTV (yes, no surprise I watch it) and other places how awesome the Canon Rebel is. I was, for just a little bit, not a believer. And then I saw some sample images. It was then clear to me, my life had purpose. I knew what I wanted, until I saw sample images from the EOS 10D. Now I am back to where I started. Just a confused man running (slowly walking) around this rather complicated world.

Eitherway, anyone with brilliant (or even not so brilliant) ways to come up with a spare $1500, should contact me ASAP.

Good, I needed that release.

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