Thursday, January the 1st, 2004

(Yes, there is something about new years jokes.)

Being home has not been as much fun as I had hoped. Haven’t slept very well for the past couple of nights. I really did try. Been tossing and turning and wake early early with pain all over my body. Not happening. Oh that, and contrary to the usual vibes I might give out, being alone does suck once in a while.

In an attempt to break records of sorts breaking new years resolutions, I’ve been working on a new aggregator. I am not in a frame of mind to explain its purpose or how you can get your journal on it if you want to, but a FAQ is in the works. For now, this is a technology check and a place where I circumvent nasty bugs. If you really want to see how something like this could evolve, check out planet gnome. Yes, hackergotchi heads are sweet.

Update: The FAQ is up.

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