Saturday, February the 7th, 2004

(Yes, that is about as much Swahili? as I know.)

The world seems like a lot clearer place today. A lot clearer. I don’t particularly like what I see, but I’m happy my glasses have been wiped squeaky clean. I don’t know what it is. I wouldn’t want to appear too understanding and accepting and give off this air of strength I do not possess. I don’t want to appear all not accepting and… hurt the patient lens cleaning person who is trying. So as usual I have to pick the weird middle path which involves quite hurt struggling, but quite earnestly trying.

And getting. Along with our favourite (Swahilian?) phrase, Hakuna Matata.

No worries (or at least try). Stuff happens. I am not going to attribute it to only being an inadequacy on my part and get all mopey (or at least try).

But as Rafiki says, the past might hurt. You can run, or you can learn. I choose learn, wise monkey. (Plus running just sounds like more work than is usually my style.)

And yes, I did see the Lion King (for the 388423 time) tonight.

In happy news, megatr0n is back. Now to mock BestBu – – – .. .

This post was cut short by an unexpected (and rude) interruption from the “keep the post serious and not geeky so that it doesn’t seem like you are equating the importance of this minor event to the magnitude of other major lens cleaning ones” department. Have a nice day.

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4 Responses to “Hakuna Matata”

  1. we dig Meggy:)

  2. Woah Woah Wooooooooooaaaaah!

    Ace? lens cleaner. I would have said sweet squeegy lady, but there was a reason I did not. I HAVE to strip you

    of the title ace. The glass knows how much you love rings. (How does the glass remember? the glass does not know. This is a smart glass with a bunch of neurons and everything.) Anyway, an ace cleaner would have removed her rings to prevent accidental scratches. No, none of this takes away from you making it squeaky clean.

    Yes, this was the weird middle path which involves quite hurt struggling, but quite earnestly trying I was talking about.

    Deal with it.

  3. Was listening to something and this came up.

    I had no reason to be over optimistic,
    But somehow when you smiled
    I could brave bad weather.

  4. Lens cleaner so screwed up.

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