Friday, February the 6th, 2004

For whatever reason I can’t stand dull old north campus anymore. Not like I am Mr. Hip anything. Not like I have any problems with the rather nice home I am in right now, it’s just everything besides the home. Yes, I said home. Not house.

Old roomies suck the life out of you. Constantly interacting with engineers and scientists who see everything the way they see it is getting to me. Leave home to find nothing, no fancy restaurants, no theatres, no nothing. Only the cold efficient hum of machinery and grey people going about their efficient lives.

I can’t believe I am saying this, but I need more.

Unrelated, in the recent past, I’ve said a bunch of other things too that I never ever thought I’d say.

– Hold, I am on the phone.
– Hold, I am working.
– This Limp Bizkit song is awesome. [Behind blue eyes]
(Well yes, as a matter of fact my dreams aren’t as empty as my conscious seems to be.)

… among other things.

Anyway, getting back to fixing this housing situation, I have two totally opposite option sets planned. On the one hand I have decided to shell out the 800 bucks or whatever it takes per month to find a nice studio, so I can be peaceful, alone. On the other, I am looking at fun co-ops with large odd crowds to force some amount of social interaction on me.

For next week, I am looking at three of each. This ought to be fun. For instance one of the guys who got back to me from the Black Elk seems totally nice.

… besides that, you could drop by for dinner anytime and meet some of the kids in our house. We eat Sunday-Thursday around 6:30pm, and you are welcome to come anytime. If I am not around any of my housemates will be around to show you the house. If you can make it anytime before then, I’d love to give you a tour myself. Either way you can both stop over for dinner and just tell everyone who you are and that you are interested in moving into the house. We’re all super friendly.

This ought to be interesting.

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4 Responses to “House hunting”

  1. Puli says:

    IMHO, living with roomies (desis in particular) is an experience in itself. One will be pleasantly surprised with the amount of stuff one can learn (*cough* unlearn) from this living venture. Having personally experienced (experiencing?) it myself, I find that I am far from declaring any sort of war/rebellion on this fun part of life. And anyways, split decisions fail at a quicker rate than ones that have been reasonably thought over!

  2. wahgnube says:

    What can I say? Been there, done that. And yes, for a while longer than you have ;)

    What I am saying is I am looking at options. As opposed to the usual “sticking with what I have” for fear of trying something new.

  3. anita says:

    i used to feel sorry for all the people who had to live near north campus. get out of there. roommates or no roommates.

  4. wahgnube says:

    Yep. That is the plan. I hope.

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