Tuesday, September the 9th, 2003

This is not good. I’ve dropped things quite a few times. Things seemed normal so far, but suddenly, my laptop seems to have taken offence and is beginning to misbehave. Right now, I am not typing this from my trusty computer, but some other box.

The connection between the adapter and the socket for it on the laptop is totally screwed (I’d like to say “for no real reason”, but it’s my, hmm.. handling). It’s currently “just” not connected, and ends up arcing as a result. This has serious consequences as within 5 seconds, that area of the computer is too hot to touch (definitely not good) and the thermal sensors go haywire and all the fans come on making it sound like a helicopter.

So, I’ve slowly started moving my data out before sending it to hp. I think it’s going to be a lot harder than I thought. Enter the model number, the serial number, the manufacturer number, the this, the that etc. Carefully find each one, enter in different forms.

BEEP! Sorry, that combination of numbers is not good for us.

Damn it, I want my computer to be happy again that’s all.

*Runs back to trying ALL permutations of ALL numbers showing up anywhere near the computer.*

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