Tuesday, December the 2nd, 2003

Hmm. The idiot neighbour people (No, not the squeaky bed ones above – who have resulted in some recent sleep loss btw. Will complain about that when it gets too bad.) had left their dog loose for a bit last evening and the scary thing charged towards me as I was nearing home. I am not an animal person. Mmmmmaybe a cat tolerating person, but an animal person, definitely not. I have to say it scared me a bit. It’s not a small cute dog. But then again, it’s not like it’s menacing or something like that. But it is large and I’m sure it could hurt you if it wanted. Anyway, when the neighbour dude n dudette did notice, they yelled out to it and it just stopped and turned around. And my heart had had its workout for the month, though all it probably wanted was to sniff me or some such.

It’s pretty fished up to have large animal pet things. It’s even more fished up to leave them all unattended and leashless.

Anyway, paid a bunch of bills today. I am sure a good deal of them are a tad late, but it’s stopped bothering me. Bill time is always related to a “feel poor for a bit” feeling that lasts for the day. Hmm, I ought to pay em in the evening. Quite expectedly, housing chaos is beginning to rear its ugly head again. This time I am better mentally prepared to handle things. It’s just, a major annoyance for no real reason. Also, must check out this place. It looks like fun. Probably, just probably, a fun way to meet people of different age, interests, and sexual orientation having broad thoughts, creative ideas, and diverse backgrounds. Though I am pretty sure it will not be without its fair share of nonsense you have to deal with either. Am curious though.

It’s all easy to say things like “I am definitely going to take at least one picture everyday” and all that. It’s insanely hard when you get down to it. And it’s just my third day at it. Large blocks of text that don’t make too much sense and that aren’t terribly exciting are my speciality. You start looking for the weirdest of things to shoot. Like, here is today’s.. wall.

A wall. Nothing here, move along

Es ist groß, grau und unpersönlich. Wie ich.
(It’s large, grey and impersonal. Like me.)

For some reason, groß, grau und unpersönlich were among the the first 10 German words I learnt. I wonder what the authors were thinking when they wrote the book.


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16 Responses to “Home. Neigbours. Pets. Walls.”

  1. ‘ large animal pet things’ classically you

  2. mingei says:

    a pic a day….am going to adopt this too… and probably more non-wonderwalls from me too.

  3. wahgnube says:

    Me sounding like me is a good thing. :D (TM)

  4. wahgnube says:

    And mingei, I can tell you it’s fun. Hard, but fun at the same time. I wonder if I can keep it up for a bit. Like a week?

    I was curious about your uploads to ‘Urban Installations’. Yahoo indicates that there are larger images, but I don’t seem to see an obvious way of getting to them. I mean, it says 5 pictures, 2+ MB, and when I click them, shows me … just over thumbnail size? That I am quite sure couldn’t be 400 odd Kb each.

    Of course, I am blind, but that’s a different issue.

  5. mingei says:

    and i’m technologically obtuse :) so cant figure that out either

  6. Reeshy’ll swoop in to your rescue.He’s been romancing all things techie for ages

  7. wahgnube says:

    Please people, stop using descriptive words like “technologically obtuse”. It’s like the smallest and most insignificant of things. Not to mention the easiest to fix. But all of that only if it were true. People usually take the time to write tutorials and such. I definitely need one, for more important things.

    Sorry. Didn’t mean to be all cranky.

  8. wahgnube says:

    I was kinda sorta hoping I’d evolved out of just “all things techy”. I was wrong.

  9. mingei says:

    well, its so much better than just a flat out admission that i get (when facing certain, invariably important, things) vertigo from the emptiness of my brain : )

  10. mingei says:

    and i’ve given up hope of evolving into a rational being.

  11. wahgnube says:

    1. That’s not entirely true and you know it.
    2. being rational is not all that it’s cracked up to be.

  12. wahgnube says:

    And yahoo isn’t being too nice.

  13. mingei says:

    unrepentant stupidity is bliss u know : )

  14. wahgnube says:

    And I still maintain that’s not true. I am quite persistent in my views.

  15. Puli says:

    Anybody disagrees! ;)

  16. wahgnube says:

    Ok, not to sound tooooo me or anything. But I do know what I know, and make fairly decent assumptions about things i don’t.

    I don’t want to say I am always right and all that. But I am seldom wrong. Once you start believing that, and people disagree, in your head they aren’t correct. And you begin the process of reasoning it out until they see the light. Which conveniently happens to be the way I see it.

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