Monday, December the 1st, 2003

Got back to the uni yesterday after a decent break. Actually been moderately productive today. Not great, but much better than in the recent past. Met some mind blowing genius types down at the math department far far away from here. I think I finally have a half decent way of describing the way I differentiate between scientist/mathematician types and engineer engineer types. It’s like the difference between, say an actually talented bunch of music performers, and a manufactured boy band.

It’s not about the big bags of money, or the multi-platinum records. It’s about keeping it real.

And the cutest thing. Ok, not really. The squirrels out here are quite large and ugly. They are as big as small dogs, and quite brave. Not very squirreley. I was a little early for class and decided to chill (literally?) at a park. This squirrel comes up real close, I think expecting some nuts or some such to eat. While it was hanging about near my feet I thought it’d be cool to shoot it. Of course, by the time I got my camera out, it realized it’s not getting any food from me, and ran up a tree. Obviously, that didn’t stop me.

A squirrel on a tree. Not too much else to describe.
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2 Responses to “Back to work, sort of”

  1. Am sure that squirrel’s a resident of the field we’re supposed to meet at.

  2. wahgnube says:

    She so is. :)

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