Sunday, November the 30th, 2003

Saw The Family Man yesterday. It’s not like I have a thing against fantasy movies, but this was just a bit much. It started off funny and soon degraded to “Gah! Pierce my eyes and let me out of this misery”ey. If I had something better to do last night, I’d have gone and done that. Obviously I didn’t, and this is the pain I had to endure.

But I have to admit it dealt with something I’m sure everyone wants. The chance to “just know” what would have happened if things had happened differently. That’d be cool, and you know it. Even our friends at MT make references to it. Actually, being a l33t hardcore gamer type, I think at some point you just hope real life’s like that too. Where you can save at regular intervals, scew up something big time, and restart at those points like nothing happened. Again, that’d be awesome.

Stumbled onto her gallery the other day. Obviously, someone’s insanely talented. Got bit by the inspired bug, and decided to try an “at least one pic a day” thing, so that, you know, I get better.. eventually eventually? I think that’s more of an “at least one pic every relatively free day” thing. Of course, the operative word is relatively. I shot these today.

A pencil and an eraser on a pad on my desk

A pencil on a pad on my desk

Yes, I have things to do and am at work. But that doesn’t have to stop me. Pencils are pretty.. enough. They were shot on a manual focus of, IIRC some 6 and 4 cm.

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5 Responses to “Movies and pictures”

  1. Puli says:

    Interesting. Clear up a few things for me though:
    1. misery”ey ?
    2. iirc ?

  2. wahgnube says:

    IIRCIf I Remember Correctly.

    The “ey” thing is the way I talk. I just tack it along to things so that they form descriptive words. Hmm, this is hard to explain. Ok, got it. That concept is “hard to explain”ey.

    Or.. how are you. Oh, I am all “stressed out and headach”ey. And so on. Weird, but that’s the way I do it.

    So in this context, that movie was “do all those things”ey.

  3. mingei says:

    insanely talented ? understatement !

  4. wahgnube says:

    I’m not the articulate kind obviously :). Just what words would you have used to describe her (work)?

  5. mingei says:

    realised – such a case of the kettle (me) calling something else whatever…..i’d be tongue-tied as always

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