Wednesday, January the 18th, 2006

Like I’ve said time and time again[1], it’s hard enough to find someone who cares for you, makes you happy and everything else (while you repay the favour) without narrowing down your selection pool based on language, skin colour, race, gender, whether your mom will approve, whether your grand-dad will approve … .

If someone happened to find another person who they care about and this makes them happy, why does it make you so uncomfortable? Deal with it; this has nothing to do with you. It doesn’t adversely affect you. You’ve got no right to complain. I realise that it’s probably natural to go with the “I don’t understand it, I must fear it” mentality, but honestly, you’ve got to be a bigger (wo)man than that. Learn, and grow. Don’t misunderstand and fear, or worse, hate.

The other class of homophobes who piss me off (far more), are those that think being gay has something to do with “having fun and shirking responsibility”. And by “shirking responsibility”, they mean not having to worry about things like impregnation. This, I believe, is a very intellectually-stunted outlook. Please get it through your thick skulls that you can really like someone—even if they have the same genitalia as you—and this has nothing to do with not wanting to get someone pregnant; it’s really only about wanting to be with the one you want.

Anyway, whatever your reasons for fear or hate, at least try to assuage yourself pragmatically. Honestly, what would you like better? Having two hotter, more sensitive guys with a better dress sense competing against you for that woman you worship from afar? Or them taking each other out of the equation and leaving her for you to hit on?

Now don’t you see? Don’t be a hater. Just be thankful that you need to do one less crunch. And this is what really bothers me so much about homophobes; they’re just so darned short-sighted.

[1] Penile Penal Affairs, page 2, last paragraph.

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