Friday, January the 10th, 2003

Saw this dialogue on a sitcom yesterday. Have to add it to my “safe”, it sounds like it’ll come in handy someday.

“Saw this and thought of you. See everything and think of you”

Messed up my favorite navy blue sweater last evening attempting a cleaning project. I know the cleaning spray bottle did warn that clothes should be kept out of contact with the fluid but it was an accident. I must have leaned on one of the surfaces I had just wiped. Thirty seconds later, the blue is ORANGE, from wrist to elbow on one hand. There I did it, single handedly managed to ruin a piece of winter clothing.

Met the other two teachers and they started on the paperwork. I’m almost through :).

Also, to celebrate again, spent $25 on posters. Homer J. Simpson, the Power Puff Girls, and the Transformers. Nice.

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