Thursday, January the 9th, 2003

Told my roomies the news last night. I had to, it came up in a conversation. Not yet told Amma and Appa though, won’t until I see it “physically” in wolverine access. In another weird money making scheme, you’d expect the fine on a $96 insurance payment to be small if the fine on $13,000 and odd is just $30. But NO, it’s $30 even for $96. How weird is that?

Well, in the state I am in right now, I’d be happy to part with the $30 if it means that’s all I have to part with.

Seen two cool posters in the poster sale and just hope they don’t get sold before I have the time to go buy them. One awesome Transformers – The Movie poster and another ultra cool one of the Power Puff Girls, the coolest cartoon characters, ever?

Mathematica isn’t as cool as I’d hoped it would be. Yes it works, but not when it really has to. Those GiNaC developers better get cracking and make Mathematica redundant. I can’t take another night of letting it run only to find out next day it “Ran out of memory”. 512MB system memory and 30GB swap? Come on, I could work it out on pencil and paper with less. Ok, exaggerating but it’s just bugging me.

Sat in on many classes today. Life is going to get real hard, real fast. Had to drop an advanced solid state physics class where extreme quantum mechanics, d dimensional spheres and such are “normal” before it totally destroyed my self confidence.

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