Wednesday, January the 8th, 2003

Already missed one day on these journal updates. Yes, I’m a busy man. Getting all excited thinking about the prospects of financial assistantship and hope this isn’t a false alarm like last time. I really do. Anyway, feeling all good with myself and treated myself to a scrumptuous lunch, yes a large sandwich. Was cool. Being the negative guy I usually am, I would be telling myself something like “Don’t count your chickens before they hatch” or some such. But enoughs enough and I deserve a break.

Just chilling, listening to music and things.

Don’t know whether to break the news to parents just yet. I don’t want them to go through this roller coaster style bunch of emotions like I am. Amma’s started violin lessons. Good, and hope she has a great time.

On a side note, our house is becoming more of a home, atleast physically. Though I am more than happy with my one piece of furniture, my bed.. (which functions as my work space, my book shelf, my computer docking station, my couch, and of course.. where I sleep) my roomies are a bit more “wasteful”. They actually need a table and chair, a bed, a bookshelf, a DINING table.. (sheesh) and such. Well, with all the new acquisitions, home seems a bit more cramped.. in a nice sort of way.

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