I think the reason women spend so much time selecting shoes is that they’re wired to check each other out. They fail to see men don’t care.

Friday, November the 13th, 2009 at 11:29 am.

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5 Responses to “I think the reason women spend…”

  1. Michelle says:

    Not me, but then, I take pride in being the anti-girl or something. Shoes take me a while because of the comfort factor. It’s easy to find something very cute, but if I can’t walk in them, then the search continues…and it is rare, for me, to find something comfy AND cute, particularly if it has a heel on it. I hate wasting money on a pair of shoes that I’m going to have to either wear as I’m sitting down for the entire party (or whatever) or will have to kick off in order to be able to get up and dance and enjoy myself. Shoes should look cuter on your feet than they do in a lonesome little dejected pile under a chair in the corner.

    • pundit says:

      I suppose you really are the anti-girl.

      From what I’ve gathered, the women I know really really labour over this decision. What’s worse, they check out each other’s footwear choices and judge one another on that basis. What’s even worse, they let the other women know their opinions through carefully chosen expressions and gestures.

      This is something I would have definitely missed if one woman wasn’t pointing out and explaining things play-by-play as such events were unfolding. Then again, I’m a guy and I still don’t really care about any of this.

    • Michelle says:

      I must be delightfully oblivious. I do read mentions of this kind of rivalry or whatever it is, I’ve just never experienced it in real life.

  2. Adi says:

    To put things in perspective:

    A guy is frantically looking for Modern Warefare 2 on the shelves of a gaming store. The girl thinks – guys are wired to check how good they are at sniping each other. But the girl doesn’t care. She wants the guy to have sex with her after you got got totally pwned by a n00b. :P

    • pundit says:

      Possibly true, but I think I was making a different point.

      The guys are not spending so time in a first person shooter to impress the ladies; they do it because they find it fun. I’m not sure girls are into painful stilettos for recreational purposes.

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