Monday, July the 19th, 2004

From the register.

Microsoft can roll out countless studies that point out how proprietary software is cheaper and more practical than open source code. But how can Microsoft counter open source software’s ability to make a Japanese woman give birth to a horse in a convenience store?

This awesome creative outburst can be experienced here. No one can match up to Japanese levels of advertising. This StarSuite is roughly based off

Roughly translated:

“Sourcenext products are just 1980 Yen?! Oh, my Goodness….!” She faints suddenly. A guy rushs to her and says, “She is having a baby!” Everyone looks at her anxiously. The guy says, “Now, the baby was born!” And for no special reason, she had a colt. It tries to rise unsteadily to its feet. “Oh! It stands up!” Everybody is moved.

Probably they should stick to products and leave ad making to those more.. ad-making-inclined?

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