Tuesday, January the 13th, 2004

Ahh yes, I’ve been using the computer an awful lot less, and that is a good thing. You get to do so much, like not miss the new Average Joe. I don’t know what it is, I hate this one less. I guess I have gone through these things too many times to feel as annoyed as I once did anymore.

They have definitely chosen a more dorky set of people, which I think adds to my lack of sympathy when they are booted off. And this woman seems a tad more invested in the process than the other one was. As in she SEEMED a bit sad as she was booting off people, and she didn’t kick out all the above 200 pound guys in the first week. She waited for one more. That has to count for something.

But I think the real reason I didn’t hate the show was this one guy. There is something about the way he behaved that was, I don’t know, clear to me I guess, but not always seemingly clear to other people. When you have all these guys going on and on about how beautiful she looked (something I’m quite sure she knows and has heard a billion times before considering she is a miss [insert name of place here, or if you are feeling cocky, a larger place, or if you are feeling even more cocky, universe here]), there is this one guy who’s appreciating her portraits. That’s just the most intelligent move I’ve ever seen a person make on such a show. No points for guessing who she seemingly likes the most at this point. But does it matter? Considering in a few weeks they will bring in the model type men and these poor mere mortals have a very high probability of being dumped in an instant.

Or maybe all of this is moot and she just looks more attractive than the other woman and my field of reality perception is warped as a result. It very well could be you know.

(Yes I am thankful the site plug, death, site plug, death, site plug, … post sequence is over too.)

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2 Responses to “Less annoying reality tv”

  1. anita says:

    i didn’t watch it last night, so i can’t say whether it’s any less annoying…

    but if kathy griffin (however it is spelled) is no longer the host, it has to be somewhat less annoying for that reason alone.

  2. wahgnube says:

    Really? What could be so annoying about that wonderful person who’s only flaws are an EXTREMELY ANNOYING NASAL VOICE, A FAKE NON-LAUGH, AND A SCREWED UP SENSE OF NON-HUMOUR I DON’T WANT TO TRY TO GET.

    Yes, I see your point. :)

    And that apart, I’ve thought about it. Maybe I am being all male by finding this season less annoying because I’m subconsciously finding this woman more attractive.

    I don’t really want to know.

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