Monday, February the 14th, 2005

I don’t really talk too much about it here, but I’ve been watching a ton of movies recently. And by recently, I mean for about two months now. Here’s what I got to see over last week, and my succinct thoughts.

Chicago — Moderately entertaining, but extremely overrated. Doesn’t deserve the ton of Oscars I think it claimed. During the entire movie, all I did was feel sorry for the convenient putz, Amos.

Erin Brokovich — I usually hate Julia Roberts (irrationally, of course), but this was a decent flick. There were so many opportunities to make bits of the movie a lot funnier, but none of them were taken. I guess, under the blanket excuse of having to stay “true to some real story”.

Big Fish — An amazing experience. It’s the oddest, most colourful, funniest drama that’ll ever make you cry. This is something no one should miss. Features Ewan McGregor.

Moulin Rouge! — I re-saw this. It just rocks so hard. Features Ewan McGregor, again.

Black Hawk Down — Even more Ewan McGregor. I don’t know what to say really. I usually detest war like movies, on principle, but this one was well paced and quite fun. No stunning performances or anything, just something that mocks military stupidity. There are some overly detailed gross bits involving dismembered body parts.

Knots — This was the only one in this list I saw on TV. I saw it on one of the women’s channels. It was a funny take on contemporary relationships. Funny, I guess in a sort of dark and ironic way. Mostly no-name actors.

Philadelphia — This one made me cry. The acting was spectacular, though the story seemed to drag a little in the middle. Probably a good date flick, if you’re a gay homosexual*.

Men of Honor — Can we knock it off with the movies based on real life stories already? Sure, there was some decent acting and it was a very inspiring story, but come on. I hate feeling guilty for “not working hard against odds” and not “making it to the top”.
[-1/5] (Because enough is enough.)

The Pianist — Ah, we finally get down to the review that’s going to be most controversial. Firstly, it was an OK movie. Not a good movie, and definitely not a great movie. The only thing more overrated, is Chicago. Now, this movie might have struck a chord in the hearts of all those people who believe everyone in the world is equal and random mistreatment is a horrid thing.

I am not one of those people. There are different sorts of people on this planet. <Disclaimer in effect> Some superior (yes, you heard right) than others and it is perfectly acceptable for them to do whatever they choose with the inferior ones.</Disclaimer still in effect> Because of having such thoughts, I really don’t think I was the target audience for such a flick.

Equality, pfft.

And yes, this list was just over last week.

* Eric Cartman, South Park. Season 1, Episode 4 – Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride

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2 Responses to “Many Movies”

  1. Adi says:

    Of the films above, I liked Big Fish, Black Hawk Down and The Pianist. The rest were OK-ish in my opinion.

    I’ve been seeing Da Ali G Show. I haven’t laughed so much in a long time. Try it IF you’re a fan of crude, low vermin British humour.

    I really want to see Sideways, Aviator and Finding Neverland. Sux. It will never come here. :( I gotta wait for the damn dvd which means another six months waiting. pffft.

  2. wahgnube says:

    I loved Big Fish. Black Hawk Down was alright. And I have issues with The Pianist, but that’s probably only because I honestly believe totalitarian governance is the only way to drag the unintelligent masses, kicking and screaming, toward progress.

    I have no problems with crude, or British, humour. I just don’t get to see Da Ali G Show because I don’t have access to HBO. I’ve caught a couple of episodes and he’s funny.

    Oh, and Sideways owns all.

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