Tuesday, November the 11th, 2003

Hmm, I can’t help it. Since I saw an episode of the show, I’ve been re-evaluating how geeks (I) see and do things. Firstly, you really don’t care about a lot of things a “relatively normal” person will (I think) worry about. But then again, I’m sure it works the other way too. Point being, all is quite rational, until you realize hardcore geeks are a small portion of the population, and hence, will always “naturally be outcasts”?

But then, I’m not so sure of that either. I’ve always been one, and I don’t think I’ve ever been “not allowed” to do anything with other people in school or whatever citing this as a reason (explicitly or implied). It’s usually I who chose not to. Some people have more fun reading or whatever than throwing a stupid ball back and forth. It’s not like I’ve been picked on or harassed or things like that. I don’t know what’s different. The people on the show are being portrayed like poor losers who’ve had all sorts of bad things (like random bully breaking an egg on their head style things) happen to them just because they were, different.

(I would have said, smarter, more sensitive, funnier etc, but then again I’d have to say weaker, less dynamic, look dorky and a ton of other stuff that might have totally negated those few positive things, so I chose “different”. Sneaky.)

(Before I leave “the show” mode, OMG, thank goodness that 21 year old chap isn’t done with his PhD yet. I was feeling old enough already without knowing there are 21 year old PhDs out there. And did I use the word “chap�”)

I think society here is a lot, different. I guess in certain parts of the world it is kinda cool to be “smart” and in other parts it’s kinda cool to be a body builder? Just what is it? Is it TV? Are we that dumb? Or is it probably just the world us geeks (I’ve) made up in my head where we’re cool for what we’ve done/do and not judged on how unmodely we are? I don’t know. And I fear the answer.

I mean, like even the littlest of things. I do stuff like wear socks with sandals at times. I don’t realize it when I am doing it. When I’m out, I hear (but choose not to listen to) people (who take notice of such things) letting me know. Why? Because it’s something totally inconsequential and I don’t care how I look. It keeps me warm, and if you can’t handle that, don’t see them. It’s not like I’m asking you to ruin your “sense of style”, am I? On a similar vein, there was recently this thing on dining etiquette. Again, it’s something a geeky type couldn’t really care about. We’ll just make you feel uncomfortable? around us, probably, but will not change small things that don’t really matter.

But then again, during all this, I remember the ad for Crank Yankers, where this lady calls up this librarian? or some such and tells her mid conversation “Are you so angry because you realize you’ll never be with anybody hot?” (or something close).


Anyway, coming back to more real life events, got that test back. I didn’t do too well, as I had expected. But then again, nor did too many other people. (So somehow, it’s magically fine and like nothing happened.) I for one salute comparative (slacker friendly) grading schemes. :)

And I’ve been meaning to jot this down, but I don’t know, all sorts of “being PC” issues involved. How do I put this? Hmm. Ok, when “certain religions” dictate that the people who follow it shouldn’t eat between sunrise and sunset for a “relatively short period” of time. Now all that is fine. I guess the deal is to build some sort of restraint or something like that. But now, here’s the thing, “certain people I know” follow this perfectly. How? They wake at sunset, stay up through the night, and sleep at sunrise.

Kinda sorta defeats the purpose, “certain people” might feel. Sheesh.

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4 Responses to “More TV, geeks, me”

  1. anita says:

    like i said, i think the show’s producers are kind of using those poor geeks for ratings…because people here will tune in just to make fun of them. it was sad that she didn’t keep that one guy that everyone loved. i only watched bits and pieces of the show last night so i don’t know whether she gave him the impression that he would be around. but anyway…how well can you truly get to know someone in that type of situation? i mean, physical attraction is going to play a huge role when you have to pick from a bunch of guys that you barely know at all. and the girl should admit it, rather than making up reasons for not keeping certain guys around. if you watch some other show like “the bachelor” or whatever, they always say things like “i picked her because i thought she was really beautiful”…so can’t this girl get rid of the fat guys if she thinks the non-fat guys are more attractive?

    (i’m not taking her side or anything, but in that situation, i would have probably done the same. if however, i meet a fat guy or nerdy guy in the real world that i get to know really well and feel sparks with, then that person will become attractive regardless of what he looks like physically…)

    i’ll shut up now, it’s just a show, it’s just a show… : )

  2. And an egregiously crappy show at that.Geeks are so sexy.yum@math aroma.

  3. wahgnube says:

    I guess that’s true. (All fat and nerdy guys everywhere breathe this lil sigh of relief thing. :))

    And she didn’t really “say” she was keeping him around. It’s just, everyone realized he was a nicest guy and I guess seeing him rock climb and reach the top of the hill made me assume it’s a given that he’s through.

    I mean, if the contest were something like build a “rocket controller” (no clue what that is, just something “backboxy cool”) and it was a bunch of geeks and a model, and the model did it, but not as fast as the geeks? I’d still think that person was worth keeping.

    Some things are obviously harder for some people. The fact that they are achieving it just to prove something deserves more than the “Oh, there is someone else out there definitely for you, bubye now”.

    Actually, it’s nothing more than me rooting for him. Move along, nothing more to see here.

  4. wahgnube says:

    And my little victim of violent fish behaviour, you know that’s not true, and how much harder we have to try/work at things. (The fact that we eventually usually do a crappy job is besides the point.)

    And I hate it when I start getting “involved” with shows. Now I’ll start HAVING to watch it each week.

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