Tuesday, November the 11th, 2003

Been at a library all day. It felt good. Not that that’s news in itself but it is pretty strange since I’ve not been to one in something like 4 months. Even to do something not entirely useful. Obviously, I am doing all I can to shift gears and keep them there.

Stared at a large pile of unanswered email today, and was too lazy to do anything about it. I don’t mean to be rude or seem like I am distancing myself from anybody, but I just don’t want to go through them, and take the time to come up with moderately sensible replies. I do care. I hope they get it. It’s not like they’re unimportant or anything, just, I have nothing to say. If I do reply, it’ll surely sound like something I did because I was obligated to, and I don’t want that either.

Found out today that my concerns over the MS were uncalled for. I met these administrative people (like finally) and found out that I’m “done” and will get one if I ask for it, but it isn’t necessary. So now it comes down to, whether I should fill up this form just for a certificate. Hmm.

The Indian Student Association, (a group of people I am not really “associated” with in any way) are having their Diwali celebrations some time next week. Very timely? I just HAD to find out why to mock them about it, and I did. Something about the room the wanted to rent being unavailable. Muahahaa. Mocking fodder.

Went to a “town hall” style meeting. Except I had no clue what one was because I’ve never been in a town. But, all was well, and there was free food. Which was why I was there in the first place. And I was drinking this caffeine free pepsi and it didn’t taste bad at all. I had somehow mistaken it for the diet thing (which IS quite bad) and got all excited for the 3 seconds before I peeped at the label. Ahh well, a little excitement (and sugar) never hurt anybody.

Spent a good deal of the evening fiddling with guhnew plot. It’s actually quite nice. Piped some random results from relatively complicated calculations into text files and figured out macros to make pretty pictures. (Not that numbers made too much sense now, but pretty pictures are, well, pretty.) Of course, this was no Mathematica, but then again, this isn’t some closed expensive thing.

Saw this thing in the paper recently and don’t know really how to describe it. I mean, it was this article with fairly detailed pictures, of.. things. It was describing, something, I forgot the name.. I think it was a romance party? Vaguely like a tupperware party but these women aren’t selling/demoing plastic cups, they’re umm.. women’s toys. Pretty odd, for a page size news article.

Saw average joe, the show, today. I mean, in bits and pieces anyway, Reno was on. It’s a) scary b) fishing superficial. Firstly, some of these guys are NOT AVERAGE damn it. If they are, I wouldn’t want to be labelled even lower. (But then again some of them, I have to sadly admit, were.) Secondly, this woman just, like one of the guys noticed, eliminated all the fat guys and the realllly sweet guy. Just because they weren’t tough? Come on, that dude who like totally lacked self confidence climbed up the side of a mountain (ok, small hill sized one) for you. Least you could do is keep him on for one more week.

It’s just a show, it’s just a show, it’s just a show …

And rats, I didn’t carry my camera with me today. Walking to class this morning (to which I was a tad late, not because I woke late or any thing like that, but because I was getting ready, “as usual”, and forgot that it’s winter and that INVOLVES MANY MORE layers of clothes and hence a lot more searching, sheesh.. now back to the main train of thought) when I ran into quite a sight. There was this, field? covered with grass covered with frost. Nice shiny white. Cool enough. There was this building right next to it, and in a little while, only the portion of the field in the shadow retained the frost and the rest was green. It was a pretty cool contrast, and it shifted sharply at the shadow/nonshadow interface.

BAH! I’ll just not forget to carry my camera and run into something like this some other day, I can’t explain any more.

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2 Responses to “Reality, and reality tv”

  1. mingei says:

    the missed picture sounds wonderful…

  2. wahgnube says:

    Welcome back. It was quite a sight. Will get it eventually. I hope.

    Unless I can figure out this cool way of describing things (probably better than they really are) and leaving it up to people imagining the nicest things they want to, and that’d be easier than coming up with a decent picture of a beautiful thing.

    But that’s just crazy talk. :)

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