Tuesday, October the 28th, 2003

Yes, that’s like the only way I can describe last evening. Reached home rather earlyish just to find all sorts of nonsense on TV. But then again, no fear, for there’s always the staple Comedy Central.

Ended up watching Say it isn’t so, fully. It was very funny, at times. It’s just, the things they made fun of weren’t entirely easily “make fun of and get away with”able. It was like a bad copy of There’s something about Mary. Not the story, the tone. But I really liked it.

Which is scary, because again, I’m sure it has more than a little to do with her. Like, for instance, I honestly believe Bowfinger is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. It’s way up there along with the real classics, like My cousin Vinny and Young Frankenstein.

Anyway, returning to last evening, interspersed during the commericial breaks, I happened to catch scenes from The One. Yes it’s pretty funny to see random south east asian martial arts guru types fly around and fight with themselves (for a few 30s bursts, only).

Moving along to mundanely choresy stuff, like checking mail (of the “you can touch” kinds), I found my brand new Animatrix and Matrix:Reloaded DVDs. Being a geek, you have to get these and study the movies before Matrix:Revolutions is released? Why? Because that’s what good geeks do. And it’s real fun to go through plot and storylines in extreme detail and talk about it for hours on end with other people who also know it’s not just a sci-fi flick. Of course, fun is relative.

So now that I had them, I had to watch them right? So I did. All 9 Animatrix episodes, and Reloaded, again. And I had fun. And quite strangely, I don’t really remember when I went to sleep.

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