Monday, October the 27th, 2003

Been reading up some more on my “psychological profile”. What can I say? They’ve all hit the nail on the head by classifying me as a rational idealist who doesn’t give a damn about conforming to what’s “normal” and outwardly cold about everything yet hypersensitive to things that people who “matter to me” say. And everything else so far has been spot on too, except, some places say we’re usually slim and males have short hair.

Slim, with short hair, HAH! I wish. No, I don’t actually. I almost like having longish hair. The other day, in the bus, this woman behind me was going on and on about her “hair appointment” some 3 weeks away and how she has to plan all sorts of obscure things related to that.

I was like, yeah right, big deal, she’s obviously taking this waay too seriously and has too much time on her hands. Until I turned round and saw her hair. God I wish I could have her hair. Yes, I am comfortable enough with my masculinity. And yes, I’ve drunk from Powerpuff Girls cups.

And yay, my legions of “I will bug you till you cry”ers have dropped from 4 to 2. And the other two have toned down on their “I will bug you”isms a good deal.

It feels good. And I’ve been productive(r).

Talking about work, first I hear things like this. And then I hear things like:

Prof: It’s actually quite remarkable you arrived at this conclusion on your own.

Now I’m happily confused?

It got cold and dark outside in like 30s and very early. It was very weird. And not worrying about the “rate of darkening” for a bit, I looked at the time, and it’s like 5 : 00. I then remembered I’m in some “not entirely intelligent” place where the people change THE TIME every once in a while.


And I hate Sodipodi, for no real reason. Maybe it’s the funky language in which (I assume) Sodipodi is written on the top of that webpage. Maybe because it’s called “Sodipodi”. Maybe because it’s freaking unintuitive (read doesn’t have the same GUI as the GIMP)? (All hail Sven’s new svg import patch) Maybe because it’s got a freaky looking squirrel? as a logo.


(Actually the real reason is I have no drawing skills, but that’s something I am not going to admit.)

Read this scary article on BBC about “Flyblogging”. I’ve been a victim of what’s being mentioned a few times. The one I’ve linked to is one of the few remaining at the moment. Idiots. I demand no one anywhere buy any products even related to the ones mentioned for their violating my(our) safe haven(s).

And this should be some sort of record on maximum number of absolutely unrelated random thoughts forced into one post. My brain’s obviously more than a tad muddled at the moment.

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