Friday, October the 24th, 2003

I really am curious. Just how do you deal with these people who, for some disturbed reason, have this intense need to know what you do and more importantly, why you do things a certain way?

My current tally is somewhere around 4. And they annoy the hell out of me. Get it through your thick skulls. I am just a normal person. Sub normal in most regards. What I do is of no concern to me even, let alone you. Why I do it a certain way is not important or profound or something worth your while to analyze and attempt to figure out. It really isn’t. More importantly, I do what I do the way I want to do it. I know it’s right. I don’t care if you see it. I don’t need to justify anything to you or anybody else.

And they bother me on so many levels, because magically, it’s this same group of people who’ve, again, for some bizarre reason, made up their mind that I know more than they do. I DON’T, damn it. I have not been magically presented with more know how about the workings of our weird and wondrous universe. And even if I have, I definitely haven’t been presented with the patience to share it all.

I sit all day in some corner talking to no one and I am totally fine with it. Then, someone say calls, and I’m like, yay, a nice break. But it isn’t. It’s some fishing moron who doesn’t know how to work something or some such nonsense. Yes, at 3 A.M, my primary concern is solving your homework.

I mean come on.

I partially blame these people for my lack of real productivity. Because, let’s face it, for all the anger that it isn’t some “friendly conversation” and random idiots are trying to get me to do things for them, I am genuinely interested in what they are talking about. And I can’t stop myself. I stop doing whatever it is that I am up at 3 A.M for and trouble shoot something that is of no real concern or benefit to me.

That’s the whole thing. Helping someone else at some ungodly hour while I fail to meet a deadline on an assignment the next day is not fun. It’s not personal, yet I begin to really detest these people. Once in a while, it is fine. Because, I say this to stroke my ego, I do know a lot more about certain things than these simpletons do. But if coming for help is the only reason you want to talk to me, I’d rather not talk to you.

And why this is unnecessarily coupled with the other problem, I don’t know. It’d be kinda cool to have non-annoying fans.

I idolize people. I try to observe/read up on their major moves in life and why they made them. I read their work and respect them. If they say or do something that I don’t get, I make an effort to try to think before I call or shoot of an email.

If I can’t get something to work, I read a fishing manual. I google for documentation. I get on mailing lists and read up archives. I get on IRC and ask friendly people if they know what to do. I try to figure it out myself.

What I don’t do is bug an already overworked developer with a stupid question, in a “you’re obligated to help me” tone. No, they aren’t. Nor am I to you. We do things for fun. Sometimes it’s fun to help. We do. When it isn’t, we won’t. More importantly I am evil and choose to stop when I don’t see personal benefits after a point. Have I ever asked you questions on how to do things? Over and over again without giving a rodent’s posterior as to what the answer is? If I have, you aren’t in this group. I am in a similar group you’ve made up in your head. I am sorry, I totally know how I make you feel.

On top of this nonsense, I have to deal with crap like. Oh, you can’t even convince me why you do blah in a certain blah way. I direct whatever you’re saying to /dev/null.

(For the less technologically inclined (read normal people with lives), this is vaguely equivalent to something as irritating as “talk to the hand”.)

So, back up. Beep beep beep. Now you’re the one who asked me why. I freaking take the time (again, I don’t know why) to actually try to explain my actions. Least you can do is listen to me.

The “talk to the hand” stuff is fine if some random airhead says something on his(her) own accord to you. I don’t ask you a question you don’t have the least need to answer, and say something stupid like “talk to the hand” midway during the answer. It’s more annoying than you might realize.

Something vaguely similar got blown way out of proportion with this one person, and I haven’t communicated with her since. I am happier.

And yes, I know this is more than vaguely related to not having too many people to talk to. When I do, I’d like to talk talk. Share stuff. Have fun. Share ideas and information. Learn something. Laugh a bit.

Not do your work.

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    That’s the most insightful and informative comment I’ve read.

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