Sunday, August the 26th, 2007

The silence you’ve been noticing lately? Here’s the scoop:

  • I’ve moved to a new home, and with higher rent and such, I don’t have enough expendable income to justify an internet connection. Yes, being a poor student sucks.
  • But that’s about to change soon. At least, I’ll hopefully be a poor non-student. Speaking of which, most of my days are spent working on my dissertation, leaving me too tired to write here.
  • I’m open to readers submitting articles they want posted here. You know you want to do your bit to help mitigate the silence.
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2 Responses to “Moving pains”

  1. Mukul says:

    I did read your mail, but didn’t get time to reply, much less, write a post.

    I’ll prefer to surprise you though. :-)

    p.s. What happened to the statutory $10 broadband AT&T offers? I read you switch between ThinkPads and MacBooks so I am pretty sure you aren’t poor enough to not have a web-wire!

  2. pundit says:

    MacBook Pro. The expensive one!

    And that’s why I can’t afford the internets.

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