Sunday, January the 2nd, 2005

There haven’t been updates recently because I’ve been doing stuff. My new years eve was spent at this marathon comedy session at a neighbouring comedy club. It was very good, but not awesome. I can’t laugh-laugh at non-relationship humour anymore. Coupling and Sex and the City have spoiled me silly.

I’ve been reading a lot. I can’t believe how much fun that’s been. My current reading list includes books on photography, classics like “Great Expectations”, and ridiculously advanced mechanics books that regard General Relativity style non-linear field theories in physics as “fairly elementary”. Believe it or not, I now actually feel like I’m getting close to entering the “Gates of Coolness”, where I am actually comfortable with my comprehension of things around me and my ability to express them succinctly.

I’ve also begun to see why I’m working on a “Doctor of Philosphy” and not “Uber master of this sub-subset of science”. A lot of things are beginning to make sense, and reading’s helping. Needless to say, I’ve thought of a cheeky title for the dissertation, as well as a humourous disclaimer, but I seriously doubt I’d get away with having them in there.

I am uninspired, but happy. Actually, I am inspired, just not in a way that I thought I wanted to be. Speaking of which, I’ve almost homed in on the primary trait that’d determine whether I’d love to spend the rest of my life with someone, or not. I can’t word it yet, but it’s now a crystalline concept.

And that feels good.

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