Wednesday, December the 29th, 2004

If you look carefully at the word resolution, it just means “resolve to do something”. No one ever said anything about that something being good. So, I plan to make 2005 the year of superficiality and self-centeredness. Without further ado, here are my resolutions for this new year.

– Since we’ve worked long and hard on our insides (and admittedly peaked), from now on we work on the outside. The deal will be to get trim and toned (whatever that means). There will be major hair related changes, head, face and body.

– Start learning a dance and pottery.

– Start/Join a band and/or get back to practicing/learning, in earnest, vocals/an instrument.

– Make recent investments on photography things worthwile. Actually read technical things and get better, rather than arbitrarily going out and taking pictures. Start shooting portraits of people. On a related note, fix up portion of studio to actually make it a studio. In other words, work on the “starving artist” image.

– Get done with classes and such so I’m a full fledged researcher sort with no real exam style deadlines, unless of course I go ahead with the masters in math as well.

– Work my way out of this creativity rut. In other words, finish at least one major creative project.
* at least one of four books,
* learn portrait photography (as mentioned above), meet hot wannabe model chick
* figure out how to realize the comic (whose pilot and first few slides are in my head and on drawing boards around the house),
* learn a form of animation (and I’m leaning toward stop-motion animation) and exploit it,
* frequent comedy clubs more, and not just as a patron.

– Needless to say, exploit all the above to boost my image, superficially.

– No donating a third of what I make. Because I am a person, and should have needs too. If not, I should fake them.

If you stay tuned, you will see how I fared with last years resolutions. Probably tomorrow, or something.

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