Saturday, March the 20th, 2004

And now, the new (hopefully) permalinks (aka tentative sitemap):

intro: – primary intro – fluctuant intro – site ad disguised as factual intro

articles: – primary articles page, to link to real pages – interests and related articles – not so clearly classified articles – links to past “decent” journal entries – different project info page(s)

journal: – the journal

artwork: – primary art page, to link to real pages – original art – text modification effects – photo manipulations – screen shots of my desktop and other such non art

photos: – primary photo index and favourites – photos in that set[n].html – n=1,2,… miscellaneous pictures

links: – just a page with odd links, for now

guestbook: – the guestbook, redirects to umich for now

credits: – people and technology credit space

details: – primary index, to link to real info – site disclaimer and usage policy – site todo – browser/platform compatibility notes – site access logs and reports

contact: – a page to obscure, yet show, email id

No, I really didn’t have too much else to say.

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