Friday, March the 19th, 2004

Warning: The following post contains a picture, or a part of it, that isn’t one of nature.

I am sane. It is just a lot easier to keep abusing one poor picture over and over again rather than actually come up with something meaningful to say. So while I’m in this state, such sort of nonsense has to be tolerated. Here is the other half of an image I released a few days ago.

Half of an image.

Take a bit of time, map a few colours to different values, place them close to each other in your head, and you have a self portrait. Not usual, but good enough. If you need more help, those black and white thresholded images have to help you with this extremely complicated jigsaw puzzle.

Did I just insult your intelligence? Oooh dicey and risque.

The change is imminent.

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