Tuesday, January the 10th, 2006

This is getting ridiculous. I’m not making this up; another one of my friends just got engaged. This time I know the guy well too, and they’re perfect for one another, so I’m actually quite elated; which is a first.

But still, I mean, come on.

Now onward to site news. Firstly, after collecting some backlog, all your comments and e-mails have been answered. If I’ve missed you, please holler. Secondly, since rumours were brewing about the recent silence in these parts, here are the facts:

0. All I’ve really been doing when I sit at a computer is drool over new computers.
1. My computer, though resurrected (in the loosest sense of the word), is extremely flakey.
2. I have enough ideas and material for a couple of aural logs. But they’re stuck in my X5L, which I broke. I’ve shipped it off for fixing, but knowing my luck, stuff will probably be erased while they’re “fixing” it. Meh.
3. A couple of posts I’ve written up rely upon photos I shot with my brilliant (sarcasm) camera phone. It is only after I got home did I realise I hadn’t the means to run their software to snag these images from the phone. Yes, I’m locked out of MY IMAGES, from MY PHONE. Bah.
4. You slackers haven’t in the least been forthcoming with stellar articles after my call a couple of days ago. Shame on you.

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