Friday, March the 3rd, 2006

I don’t often get into political affairs, not because I’m apolitical, but because I’m apathetic in general. But bear with me as I emerge from my shell and chime in with my ignorant remarks this evening.

All of today—every time I’ve browsed past a news channel—there has been something or the other about Bush’s talks with Dr. Singh on nuclear issues. I even saw some related clips on the BBC, and have surprisingly read up a bit on matters from the intarweb.

A couple of things that came up over and over in these reports pissed me off to no end.

1. STOP COMPARING INDIA AND IRAN. I know all your Iranian friends will keep referring to themselves as Persian (and NOT ARAB) in an attempt to reconnect with a (glorious?) past they aren’t willing to let go, but,

“India is a highly democratic, peaceful, stable state that has not proliferated nuclear weapons. Iran is an autocratic state mistrusted by nearly all countries and that has violated its international commitments.”

— R. Nicholas Burns, the under secretary of state for political affairs.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. My attempts would have resulted in offensive (potentially racist) profanity.

2. INDIA’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH STOCKPILING AMMUNITION AGAINST CHINA/PAKISTAN. We are proud people, and we probably lack resources, but we enjoy highlighting our self-sufficiency. All of our technology is in-house, and NOT SIGNING your stupid nonproliferation treaty and harping about our tests is just a means of rubbing into your face that “We can do it too. Better, cheaper, without your help. We are smart.”

I repeat, we are proud people. It has nothing to do with actually wanting or needing weapons. We “fought” for our own independence through peaceable means for god’s sake. We have the energy needs of a billion+ people to worry about. While you might have your wonderful oil resources (which you (mis)appropriate through wars), we only have a quarter of the world’s thorium. What else do you suggest we use? Herbal petrol?

There, I said it. And I’m certain my choice of words in this post got my journal flagged in some NSA watch-list, forcing some overweight slob to read through it in detail each evening while slobbering over his doughnuts.

Update: Related to what I was trying to say in this TIME article.

“The biggest hurdles to a bright future are the habits of the past. Sensitivity to foreign interference in its internal affairs is high in India, where a history of opposing imperialism has produced one of the proudest nations on earth. No Indian government could accept a relationship with the U.S. in which it was obviously the junior partner.”

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