Wednesday, July the 26th, 2006

During a recent flight, I came across, arguably, the hottest mom ever; and I really mean that superlatively so. She was barely in her 20s, had a gorgeous face, soft-flowing hair, was super slim with a teeny waist and yet oh-so curvy. She had the tiniest shirt on and the tightest jeans riding down to her mid-thighs, cutely exposing her purple-string bikini.

But, I really wasn’t paying attention.

I, was generally cooing, peek-a-booing and gurgling throughout the journey, as I was having fun with my new single-serving friend. She was gleefully cuddling up in my arms and bouncing away excitedly on my lap; and her serenely-happy, somewhat-tired glow later indicated that she was as pleased with this bonding as I was. Now, it was time for her sippy-cup filled with orange juice.

You must realise, of course, that I am speaking of the woman’s most adorable little few-year-old girl. You know, the kinds with a smile that can melt a glacier or three? Yes, one of those kids.

As I was getting off, this other woman—also arguably (superlatively) cute—approaches me all-excitedly (and gurgley!) and tells me that she’d observed me playing with “my little one,” and found us adorable together. She then animatedly began to talk to me, using words implying that she was thoroughly impressed, somewhat amused and quite entertained.

I am unsure who was sadder as I was informing her that she wasn’t my little one.


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13 Responses to “Of babes and babies”

  1. Pooh says:

    Whose lines are these anyway ???????????????????????????

  2. Pooh says:

    wow i’m amazed at ur transformation…maybe you must change ur sites name to emotionallydynamic

  3. pundit says:

    It’s been quite a change, hasn’t it? Maybe I’ve decided to keep the name as it is to accentuate the humourous irony.

  4. Pooh says:

    how r u ? its been so long … glad to see u so “Active” :D

  5. pundit says:

    It has; it has been a long time. I have been well and things have changed rather recently in my life making it better still. I’m also beginning to see the light at end of the “dark, grad-school tunnel” and I’m busy pondering over what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’d like to think of these past few years as my formative years.

    And how are you? Your IP tells me you’re at Palm, so that has to be awesome, isn’t it?

  6. Pooh says:

    the holmes in u has done u good in a lot of ways i see. bery bery happy for u….
    congratulations, may the light bring more life …..
    yep in palm and rocking it really hard :) … cal attracting u in anyway ?

  7. pundit says:

    Cool, that’s excellent to hear.

    Honestly, the west coast has no draw for me. I am generally displeased with a lot of things about it, except perhaps quirky towns like Berkeley or Palo Alto where I can see myself teaching/learning, but that’s about it.

  8. Pooh says:

    okie, good luck with everything…..

  9. anita says:

    just out of curiosity, what displeases you about the west coast?

    also, did you really refer to palo alto as a quirky town? that’s funny…actually, to hear berkeley and palo alto in the same sentence like that…well, it’s clear you aren’t from here : )

  10. pundit says:

    I am not from the west coast; I’ve probably spent 2 months in the west coast, over what, my entire life. And, that sentence was badly constructed; it was supposed to read [quirky towns like Berkeley] or Palo Alto. Places I’ve spent most time at, and my perceptions of which are distorted by the (reality-distorting) universities, I am sure.

    A lot of things bother me, but primarily ‘the cultural feel’ and population distribution. (Any more detail than that and it will be apparent I am racist, or something.)

  11. Azad says:

    Hey Pundit,
    followed u thru indiblogger…! Must say…my efforts were not all wasted (neither ws my bandwidth ;p) reading it was fun! You reminded me of my flight to Mumbai from Delhi last year… I pride myself on being a fast reader, but all i could manage to read on that flight was the prologue! Gosh…! She was awesome!
    Tried to talk 2 her after landing but couldnt manage more than a few syallables and an awkward silence. (nd i thought i was good with girls) But working with the airline in which you travel gives u certain privileges. Was able to track her down… nd this was the story how i stalked d first (probably d last) girl in my life!

    If u could just include RSS feed somewhere for dumbasses like me, it would be easier to keep a tab on your writings…!


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