Saturday, June the 10th, 2006

If you haven’t noticed, my takes on a lot of topics are warped and generally blown out of proportion. They’re warped because I don’t have any close friends to have intimate conversations with; you know, to use as sounding boards to help develop my ideas. And they’re blown out of proportion because… it’s just funnier that way.

Since the thought of my life doesn’t conjure up images of wild trysts or plot twists—emphatically static, remember?—like on the more popular soap operas, you’re free to dismiss the following as one of my frequent “warped and generally blown out of proportion” takes on reality. What began innocently as a seemingly-harmless crush intertwined with much admiration and respect of creativity, soon blossomed over the past few days, and now I have fallen head-over-heels for a most lovely woman. Anything I say about how much I feel completed by her closeness (or anything else for that matter) will sound corny; and I don’t do corny very well, so I will not go down that road. Maybe this explains my recent silence—I’ve been too busy cooing, sighing and daydreaming.

It is scary how I’ve survived so long without having a clue as to what being happy means. It’s scarier still when every bit of my thoughts, needs and emotions feel reciprocated.

It’s scariest when it dawns on me that she’s married; to someone else.

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