Quickie: News in images

Fiddling around with this new computer has gotten me somewhat interested in technology again. I mean, playing with the Hurd while tinkering with a Quicktime video is an eerie experience.

Running HURD in QEMU.

Oh, and you know chicks dig the new Nintendo DS Lite.

Nintendo DS Lite Ad

Touching is good.

4 replies to “Quickie: News in images”

  1. I got the Nintendo DS Lite. Worth every penny! Awesome piece of gadget and even more awesome games. Addicted to Meteos(similar to Tetris) at the moment. And touching DOES feel GOOD!

    I Must get the Wii when it comes out. Do you still have the GC?

  2. I still have the GC. It is still holding its own with the brilliance of games like Metriod Prime 2.

    I am thinking of getting a DS Lite around the time I get the Wii (which I definitely will, at least for Metroid Prime 3 and Twilight Princess). I have heard too much about New Super Mario not to give it a try the DS—I think it looks sweet!


    I have New Super Mario Bros(probably the reason why u shud get the DS Lite), Metroid Prime: Hunters, Meteos, Nintendogs:Chihuahua & Friends, and Mario Kart DS. This should do fine for the next 2-3 months. Actually, all of the above mentioned games are so addictive and fun that not getting a DS(PHAT or Lite) would be a heresy!

    My bro has the DS-Lite as well. He has a different bunch of games altogether.

    The biggest advantage of the DS is that you can play in short spurts, and ofcourse, backward compatibility with all the GBA games! Its even cooler calling your dog’s name, in Nintendogs, in the middle of a crowded mall…lol!

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