Friday, January the 30th, 2004

I know I get very comfortable when I sit in a chair. I slouch, beyond normal amounts. I feel just peachy, but other people seem to find it amusing/alarming. I have been told by parents, friends, professors and tons of others to sit straight, or something similar. Or at least the sermon about how I am hurting my back.

But this was a bit much. Here I am, having gotten our research code to build on a SIXTEEN processor, TWELVE GIGABYTE RAM SGI machine, and was just getting cozier and cozier as I was sliding down to my slouchiest best. Random person who HAPPENS to walk by has to pass on her 2 cents about how amusing I look.


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2 Responses to “Ok, this is a bit much”

  1. dipt says:

    Slouching Wahgnube => Hidden Hair .. ROTFL:-))

  2. wahgnube says:

    Would I sound too lame if I admitted I need to be explained the joke?


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