Saturday, January the 31st, 2004

For whatever reason, on be good to me day, I signed up for a bunch of trips among other things. Today I went to Toledo, Ohio. Though it is in the next state and all that, it isn’t particularly far away. The plan was to see the Toledo Museum of Art.

No reason. Just wanted to get out and do something.

Was I the only non art freak there?

Was everybody else from areas such as art history specializing in some post renaissance pre <insert any event after any renaissance you want here> period art or some such, people?
Yes, I guess.

Did it bother me?
Course not. Nice to interact with non-geeks once in a while.

Was I able to appreciate the art?
Does it matter?

Moving along, the journal shifts to photoblog mode, because it is just easier that way. I didn’t carry my tripod. Yes, I now own a tripod. Courtesy, be good to me day.

This image wouldn't be blurred if I had ANOTHER tripod to take it with

Once we reached there, it was apparent the weather in this part of Ohio isn’t too different from what we’re used to here.

Cold. As expected

The whole purpose of this exercise.

The true purpose. Not.

Imagine lil ol moi in a place like so appreciating the art. Of course, I cheated. I was lying on the ground taking this shot.

A gallery type thing

Of course, my main observation during this trip will have to wait till tomorrow or whenever. I be lazy now. So that was that. I travelled. I saw. I returned. I interacted with non-geeks.

Odd folk they be.

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3 Responses to “The art connoisseur. Not.”

  1. Vigvg says:

    Non – geeks. Hmm… I’m not so sure about that. They are just not “computer geeks”. They ARE art-geeks right ? Is the interaction with a geek of another kind still considered … good ?

  2. wahgnube says:

    Yes dude. But we live in a cruel world. Technology and science geeks are nerdy and uncool. Art and creative things related geeks are magically cool. Sad, but true.

    And I am not sure if it is good but it definitely felt good. They see things differently. Interestingly differently.

    It felt good to be given a peek through their scope. Oh, that, and purple-blue hair just rocks. So it can’t be too not-good.

  3. Vigvg says:

    Yes, purple blue hair always rocks. Always.

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